VA Compensated Work Therapy Program?

If you purchased a College Cane, Mil-Spec Cane, or a Sustainable Cane you can feel great about your purchase. Not only are you the owner of a stylish cane that helps you stay active but you are also creating jobs, helping veterans, and improving the environment. Pharm Spec is committed to using local suppliers and make sure that our premium canes are made responsibly.

College Canes,  Mil-Spec Canes, and  Sustainable Canes are assembled at the VA’s Compensated Work Therapy facility in Battle Creek Michigan. The program enables veterans with both physical and mental disabilities to recover and regain independence, self-esteem and stability. This is an opportunity for veterans committed to making a new start. 
Compensated Work Therapy provides high quality employees in an ISO certified facility.

Where did your cane come from?