Galesburg, MI, United States


Pharm Spec was established in 1993. The company was founded with the focus of providing simple, safe, and affordable retail solutions to independent  pharmacies in the Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio area. These solutions offered unique and meaningful items to the end user.

In 1996 Pharm Spec established international partners and began importing a wide variety of colorful walking canes. The line of walking canes and accessories has been expanded to today's current product mix.

In 2006 Pharm Spec partnered with several universities to develop a line of collegiate  licensed walking canes. The College Canes offer a unique gift option to any loyal fan.

In 2014 Pharm Spec establishes production for the College Cane, Mil-Spec Cane, and Several fashion canes in the U.S.A. The new production offers handcrafted walking canes that are made right here in Michigan.

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